On simple research and the gift of sharing…

A nice little paper caught my eye in this months Emergency Medicine Australasia.  Entitled “Review of therapeutic agents employed by an Australian aeromedical prehospital and retrieval service” this is a really simple paper; basically an audit of the medications carried and used over a 12 month period by the Sydney HEMS service. There’s a fair chance […]

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Money for JAM?

Well not quite huge financial prizes…but hopefully some worthy reward for the best 60 sec video. I’e posted on this earlier re PUMP UP THE JAM and the concept is being enthusiatically taken up by other rural docs and emergency physicians. You can see more info over at Minh le Cong’s and Casey Parker’s

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Keep it simple

  Things are coming together for the Rural Doctor Masterclass on Kangaroo Island in November. We’ve got a great series of speakers – but more than that, an action-packed tentative programme that will focus on small-group hands-on scenario testing. The whole purpose is to translate some of the new FOAMed concepts from abstract to practice

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