My Bloody Valentine

It’s 14 Feb and have just uploaded a new video on IV access to ’50 Shades of Brown’ section of KI-docs – the collation of resources to help rural docs ‘when the shit hits the fan’

This video showcases the Rapid Infuser Catheter or RIC kit. Yes, fellow FOAMites, I know that nowadays we are supposed to practice minimal volume resuscitation (rather than the old EMST/ATLS mantra of ‘two litres crystalloid, stat). But sometimes one needs to bang in fluids fast…and the RIC is such an easy piece of kit to use.

Have a look at the video. Of course fluids should be warmed – on KI we use the EnFlow fluid warmer, again simple to set up and use. There is a video for that too.

Any suggestions for short videos welcome. Will be working on a short video on packaging the rural retrieval patient shortly, but any other suggestions are most welcome. Email me at or leave a comment below.

IV access and RIC kit

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