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6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Me – a simulator, anaesthetist, intensivist who will be delivering a lecture about training for crises next week.

    Came across your blog – love the smaccGOLD slides, which make me laugh even without the delivery. Is your lecture online anywhere?

    Good work.


  2. Tim
    Intrigue has led to inspiration-will be reflecting on how to apply feng shui principles into prehospital care practice in remote English Lakes.
    90 degree rotation of resus trolley is a very particular form of genius.
    Would love to bring family out, just struggling with the finance and logistics of being on the other side of the world.

  3. Dear Tim
    My name is Jenny May and I am a rural GP and educator and I’m married to a rural GP/FACEM who dies quite a bit of teaching . I am a member of GPDU but not clever enough to message you through there. We were rendering if we could use your ankle snakebite photo with appropriate attribution
    No worries if not

  4. Kirstie Morandell

    Hi Tim,

    Our rural/regional hospitals are reviewing the use of a whiteboard in ED with taped areas with prompts (e.g. Time/ Medication/ SpO2/ BP/ HR).

    Do you have any suggestions for the layout and prompts for such a whiteboard?

    Many thanks,

    1. G’day Kirstie

      Kudos on you and team for instituting this

      Suggest two things

      (i) use of whiteboard for taking handover (ISBAR)

      (ii) use of whiteboard as the preferred initial documentation during resus (frees up scribe but more importantly allows sharing of a mental model on ‘where we are, where we need to be, how we get there’ for patient resus trajectory)

      So I wouldn’t nee too prescriptive, the real gains are going t be on encouraging someone (ideally team leader) to use whiteboard to help set a trajectory and ‘next three steps’ with regular re-assessment/huddle and re-prioritisation

      For sure can use it to document obs, but I’d also suggest need to have an ethos of dropping in interventions and – most important – outlining a ‘next three steps’ approach to get from clinical condition at handover to ‘resuscitated and ready to move out of ED’

      That will be fluid and the key here will be team training using your docs, nurses, allied health, admin, rather than a prescriptive template perhaps

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