KI Docs is written by Tim Leeuwenburg, with occasional contributions from colleagues.

I have a background in emergency medicine before coming to Kangaroo Island in 2004 as a GP registrar and staying on as a partner after achieving FRACGP and FACRRM.

I picked up my DRANZCOG in Tasmania 2008 and recently spent 2011 upskilling in anaesthetics in NSW. I am passionate about rural medicine with a particular emphasis on emergency and trauma medicine (senior EMST instructor & course director with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons). Won the Australian Trauma Society prize back in 2007 for work on wildlife-vehicle collisions, for which the Roadkill Recipe book has provided road safety messages.

Enouraged by useful blogs such as EmCrit, Resus.me, BroomeDocs and Prehospitalmed, I’ve embraced the #FOAMed paradigm. Whilst the lifeinthefastlane emergency physicians have lead this in Australasia, I reckon #FOAMed has a lot to offer rural doctors.

When not working, Tim enjoys fiddling with chainsaws, devising roadkill recipes with partner Patricia, sea-kayaking and enjoying the many natural delights of Kangaroo Island.

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  2. Thanks for sharing “On your own talk” from #SMACCus. Inspiring! Got me thinking. I’m speaking from a place of naivety but wondered if tech could help in the final lucid moments of the injured patient- phone recording of final words? Prefaced by “We’re going to do all we can but there’s a high chance you won’t survive this. Do you have any messages for those you would leave behind?” Maybe, as in the case you shared a human is a better filter and allows you as the clinician more closure too. Just a thought. Thanks again!

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