Airway Plan & Kit Dump

Truth of the matter is that most of the emergencies in my tiny rural hospital ED are relatively straightforward – injured bones, psychiatric emergencies, infections, cardiac conditions and so on.  Every now and then we are challenged with a patient requiring retrieval, but most of those need either meticulous monitoring, inotropic support or transfer to […]

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Govt Announces “Opt Out” MyFinancialRecord

Kudos to fellow #justaGP Bernard Shiu for the latest information on ‘MyFinancialRecord’.  I am not sure it is actually a ‘thing’, but it certainly gives pause for thought re the ‘MyHealthRecord’ roll out…. NOW READ ON Today, the department of treasury announced a MyFinancialRecord will be recreated for everyone – unless you tell them you

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Why I am opting out of MyHealthRecord – for now

The issue of the MyHealthRecord been troubling me. I lack the eloquence to express my concerns sometimes, so please bear with me.  I’ve also thought long and hard about this issue and been in active discussion with may leading doctors in Australia on this via backchannels. It is an important topic and one that impacts

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