Why I am opting out of MyHealthRecord – for now

The issue of the MyHealthRecord been troubling me. I lack the eloquence to express my concerns sometimes, so please bear with me.  I’ve also thought long and hard about this issue and been in active discussion with may leading doctors in Australia on this via backchannels. It is an important topic and one that impacts […]

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Avoiding Burnout

An interesting week this week, with several stories coming together for me. First up, a discussion on / (the members only service for UK and Australian doctors) on ‘tips for new consultants’. Covered the sort of things that don;t get taught at medical school or in postgraduate training. Also tips on setting up

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Contract Negotiations (again!)

Well it seems that some country doctors in SA remain embroiled in dispute over on call contracts with Country Health SA. The last contract expired in Nov 2011 and was supposed to be replaced by a contract offering improved terms for rural doctors who offer on call VMO services to public hospitals in addition to

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