What’s in your bag (Pt 2)

Bit of a discussion on twitter this week re: the ideal contents of a doctors bag.

I’ve posted about this before on the old KI-Docs.com site (now surpassed with move to WordPress and Mike Cadogan’s revamping of the site as KIDocs.org)

Here’s a 25 min video on the doctors bag – mostly from the perspective of a RERN kit. Bear in mind that this kit is used alongside existing ambulance – I don’t carry a defib – so SpO2 and ECG monitoring is taken as a ‘given’ via the ambulance. My kit just carries drugs, IV access and airway kit to ‘value add’ to existing responses.

FWIW, I would not bother with the commercially available ‘kit for GPs’ supported by the RACGP…I can’t quite see the logic in having surgical airway kit for one population of patients and not for another.

To my mind, the ideal kit for most GPs is : script pad, Medicare forms, means of accessing and recording notes, BP/Stethoscope, otoscope…and a $20 hard case from local hardware store to keep it in.

For those intending to do first responder or emergency work, then proper bags and kit tailored to purpose are the go…

What’s in YOUR bag?

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