Levitan Airway Workshop

So as a pre-smaccGOLD prelude, I was able to join the Levitan Airway course held in Sydney at the Royal North Shore simulation lab run by John Vassilliadis and team. I’ve been to this sim centre before, for both the Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises course and as adjunct to the Rural … Continue reading


Well, finally my wife's iPad3 with the spanking retina display has arrived. I'm a tad jealous, but more importantly it now means I have two iPads to play with......and that has been vital for running a groovy piece of software called iSimulate.I dunno about the rest of you medicos, but I've been to … Continue reading

Exciting news

Well, those who know me are aware that (apart from roadkill recipes), two of my current interests are to try and develop a national network of prehospital doctors drawn from the rural workforce and also to improve training in skills and equipment for rural doctors.I'm grateful for recent email … Continue reading

Networking and Silos

Well, just got back from the excellent GP Anaesthetists conference held in Sydney under the auspices of the NSW Rural Doctors Network. Apparently it's an event they hold every other year (alternating with an obstetric workshop) and manage to do each workshop twice in each year - delivering quality … Continue reading