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  1. You were one of the best speakers at this conference. Your rural session was very memorable. Just today I was telling colleagues about you “turning your trolley” and the reorganising of your stock bins. Who in the world remembers that stuff!! Your enthusiasim and passion shone through.

    • Thanks Bernie, that is VERY kind! There were many many excellent speakers at smaccGOLD…and many many more inspirational people in the crowd and twitterverse.

      One tribe!

  2. Tim
    I would not have believed you were under pressure when you were on-stage at SMACCGold, for the Rural Resus room piece.
    But, “Hey”, we can all be wrong.

    Suffice it to say, I learned from that talk.
    And I aim to make changes at home when I get there.
    (Currently on a brief R&R in the Whitsuns, where I have seen more rain in 3 days than I ever saw in 3 weeks in Ireland)

    Stay cool!


  3. Tim, you fly the rural doctor flag proudly and passionately.
    I know my relatives are in safe hands on that island

  4. Tim – totally agree on the love comment.

    My wife said that to me about 4 years ago (before we were married) at a time when i was pretty stressed and confused about work and it stuck with me. We have to love our patients. It’s what we do.

  5. Tim I thought your talks were brilliant. I echo what Bernadette said, I would never have guessed you were nervous. All the more hope for the social stutterers among us!

  6. Rest assured Tim you were one of the first names on the list when the smaccGOLD program was created – and you did not disappoint!
    Thanks for helping to make smaccGOLD awesome

  7. Hi Tim,

    You were on airways in the first ever arrest I was involved in as a scared 1st yr RN.
    To this day I have still not come across someone as cool under pressure as you were during that arrest and have given me a role model to follow.

    It’s nice to see you lending your knowledge and skills to a wider audience.




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