Nearly home…

Well, had my viva for the JCCA anaesthetic credentialling earlier this week – glad to report it was successful. Four more weeks to go in Orange NSW then I’m headed back to Kangaroo Island with anaesthetic credentials under my belt.

This video clip says it all really:

Now, where’s my fibreoptic scope and some local anaesthetic spray? I’ve gotta try this at home.

2 thoughts on “Nearly home…”

  1. Good Work Tim! Its gone pretty quick hasn't it? I had my viva too this week here in WA and it too was successful. I was hoping for a bit more of a stretch and a challenge but I think they wanted to make sure that I was safe and knew how to get myself out of sticky situations!How are you feeling about going out solo? Are they giving you many lists on your own at Orange?Ive done a few elective Caesarean and gynaecology list supervised remotely but am going to step it up in the next few weeks.Its interesting aswell to see where we will go from here. Because as you know each ANZCA anaesthetist has their own little specialty and interest. What are you keen on doing more of?Personally I would like to learn more airway techniques incorporating a fiberoptic scope and better ultrasound guided regional blocks.Good work again mate!

  2. Thanks Jonathan…and reciprocal congratulations! Totally agree on your comments. AFOI and blocks are interesting – how many is 'enough' to maintain skllls? You're headed off to Albany right? Do they have the kit there? Figure the guys there have regular lists and a fair caseload, so am sure you'll get a chance to develop repertoire.Back on KI our caseload is not large and although keen, limits of cost of sterilisation and kit make it hard to justify AFOI for skills maintenance on an elective list. Thats why I find the Ascope attractive – for a failed intubation, can drop in the iLMA and then intubate thro that with the Ascope.Nerve blocks? Well, am following Minh le Cong's advice and tracked down the SonoSite rep – probably gonna purchase a refurbished ex-demo Titan in next few weeks for use both in clinic, oncall and in theatre. Own cash, but means can usevat home and scan my longsuffering spouse for practice! Anyone had experience of the Titan? Seems robust and should do the job – sadly I'm not up for the cost of the newer M-Turbo…

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