Airway Plan & Kit Dump

Truth of the matter is that most of the emergencies in my tiny rural hospital ED are relatively straightforward - injured bones, psychiatric emergencies, infections, cardiac conditions and so on.  Every now and then we are challenged with a patient requiring retrieval, but most of those need … Continue reading

Shhh…it’s a secret!

The implementation of #MyHealthRecord is causing some concern amongst medical, information technology, and privacy experts.  You may have read about this online or heard it on the news already. Or not.  It seems like it's a big secret.... I have opted out of MyHealthRecord already.  This … Continue reading

Build your own SALAD sim

So ever since an online collaboration with James Du Canto and others in the FOAMed community, I've been refining the SALAD sim trainer For those not 'in the know' the SALAD technique is designed to manage intubation of the trachea in the face of massive airway contamination e.g. haematemesis or … Continue reading