Simulation Apps – Review

This review of iOS apps for simulation use was conducted by Dr Tim Leeuwenburg (@KangarooBeach) and Dr Jonathon Hurley (DrJHurley). Tim is a rural GP-Anaesthetist in South Australia and a passionate advocate of ‘guerilla sim’. Jonathon is an EM trainee in the UK and keen on human factors and simulation in EM. We reviewed : EKG […]

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There’s an App for that…

Medicos often have a pendant for gadgetry. Anaesthetists and others involved with machines that go ‘bing’ (I’m thinking critical care and EM) have a reputation for being “propellor heads“. But there’s an advantage to being tech-savvy. I was reading a post on the excellent BroomeDocs this week, concerning the possibility of awake fibreoptic intubation and

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