Why FOAMed?

There is a slow move towards FOAMed from rural doctors – a good thing, as we have the most to gain by virtue of both the nature of our work (spanning arenas of primary care, emergency medicine and procedural skills) as well as isolation.

There’s a nice vodcast from Chris Nickson over at lifeinthefastlane.com – take 20 minutes to watch it – there’s a youtube link (below) or via the LITFL website



In essence, FOAMed allows

– rapid dissemination of new ideas relevant to your practice

– sharing of resources

– corridor conversations with colleagues around the country and overseas

– asynchronous learning – updates in your time, not having to travel

– rapid delivery of pertinent medical information tot he bedside

– better learning, better teaching

– an ethos of collaboration & sharing


Watch Chris’ video and see how you go…



1 thought on “Why FOAMed?”

  1. Great video and excellent concept! FOAMed should be more embraced by large organizations such as the AMA, ACC and AHA. I see a future of complete free medical education, not just for rural docs but perhaps even for medical students for their entire education as med school tuition is getting outrageous! Great job LifeInTheFastLane.com which I see as one of the leaders in FOAMed.

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