Essence of Rural Medicine

For those of you who are interested in rural medicine, but didn’t get to SMACC2013, make sure you listen to this talk from Casey Parker of Although us rural docs are the ‘swiss army knife’ or multitool, we are a blunt instrument. The challenge is how to become as close to the sharp, precise tool – the specialist – as we can within the balance of having to a jack or jill of all trades.

Listen to the talk or download by clicking HERE – you can download the slide set from this link at The Intensive Care Network.

Brilliant talk, covers the essence of rural medicine and some of the perceptions of tertiary centres.

Regardless of where you stand, the reality is that critical illness does not respect geography – and people like Casey are committed to trying to bring ‘quality care, everywhere’

I am hoping for a strong rural contingent for SMACCGOLD – along with the usual intensivists, anaesthetists, prehospital bods. Let’s hope that clinicians of ALL ilk – doctors, nurses, paramedics etc will attend also.

If you are in any way uncertain -listen to this talk (and the others via SMACC podcast) and block off these dates.

Critical care skills are needed in the bush – and we need to be up-to-date, not through the ‘alphabet soup’ courses but via FOAMed…

See you there…




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