Quality Care, Out There

I am delighted that the SMACC 2013 podcast is out – you can download via iTunes from this link.

First up is Scott Weingart’s excellent talk on bringing “upstairs care, downstairs” – addressing the need to bring high-level critical care skills to the emergency room, for which FOAMed such as emcrit.org and other blogs have been pivotal.

For the rural doctor, Casey Parker’s BroomeDocs website, along with Minh le Cong’s PreHospitalMed.com, have¬†become the go-to place for quality FOAMed material in aspects of relevance to the rural doctor.

Building on that, I set up KIDocs.org – and there are now a wealth of other blogs from rural doctors covering various aspects in the spirit of quality FOAMed. You can browse a collection of FOAMed material for rural doctors at ruraldoctors.net

Casey, Minh and I are obsessed with the concept of bringing “quality care, out there” – we see no reason why the limits of rural work (isolation, resource limitation) should make a difference in the ability to deliver the best possible care to our patients.

There are plenty of better doctors than me out there. But one of our jobs as doctors is to bring the BEST quality care we can – and that requires us to keep up to date. The standard annual conferences, APLS/EMST/RESP courses etc take us so far – but the power of FOAMed through tools of social media can help us broaden our discussion on cutting edge medicine for our patients to the benefit of all. Some of this is more about telling stories, challenging perceptions and striving to achieve mastery in our field rather than mediocracy. As individuals we can only do so much. Together we can change systems and attitudes – delivering ‘quality care, out there’.

If you are in any doubt, listen to Scott’s podcast from SMACC2013 – and as a rural doctor, think about coming to SMACC2014 on the Gold Coast 19-21 March 2014 – and help us bring “quality care, out there”

It isn’t all about EM and Crit Care – there’s quality FOAMed to be found across the breadth of rural procedural medicine and general practice.

Uncertain where to start? Have a look at this helpful guide from Emergency Medicine Ireland’s Andy Neill…or look at the home page of ruraldoctors.net

So dive in – the FOAMed is lovely…

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