You Are Not Alone

“All Alone on Kangaroo Island” was the title of the talk assigned to me for #smaccUS in Chicago. Speakers don’t get to choose the title of their talk – instead Chris Nickson (@precordialthump) assigns a topic…usually in line with expertise. It was tempting to talk to my favourite subjects – those into which I’ve devoted […]

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Two papers at smaccUS

Day One of the smaccUS conference was a bit of overload for me.  I was nursing a mild hangover from the post-workshop Faculty dinner and was somewhat anxious about my planned talk “All Alone on Kangaroo Island“. In fact, on that latter, I had even arranged a bail bondsman just in case the Yanks were offended

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smaccUS TALK from John Hinds

[Re-blogged from my Norwegian friends at ScanCrit] This is John Hinds. Recorded at the fantastic SMACC Chicago conference, June 24th 2015. Also, if you do any ICU stuff, go over to EMCRIT at this link and listen to his brilliantly provoking ICU talk. This is sheer genius – and entertaining. We’ll miss you. Reblogged from    

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